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"Don't Make the Blackbirds Cry, with all of its unexpected twists and turns, makes this first novel by R.C. Morris a difficult book to put down!"
-Northwest Guardian


". . . truly a page-turner, a fully packed adventure. This author has a writing talent and showcases it well in his first debut novel. Terrifying and exciting but most definitely entertaining! . . ."Well crafted. . . a must read book."
- Military Writers Society of America

Don't Make The Blackbirds Cry
Don't Make The Blackbirds Cry

"In his uneasy mind it was like a lead ball, always with him. He knew the time had finally come to write an end to the story that only he knew…the truth about the three little girls' deaths."

While a fourteen-year-old living in the racially tense south, Cory Sonnet witnesses five men brutally rape and murder three teenage girls, one white and two black. He recognizes one of the culprits as the sheriff's son, but too terrified to tell, he keeps the appalling crime to himself. That secret comes back to haunt him twenty years later when he unexpectedly learns the remains of one of the men had been found in an abandoned well. Tormented by his prolonged silence, he returns to his boyhood town as a respected journalist, buys the defunct newspaper to reveal the killers' identities, and disclose the truth behind the unsolved murders. 

His heroic resolve to close the cold case is not met with eager ears. Corrupt politics interfere when he discovers one of the evildoers has become the town's sheriff, and the Ku Klux Klan reacts with violent retaliation. Amid boiling racial tensions, being stalked, and jolted by a jagged romantic plot twist, Sonnet's determination to bring justice to the three girls murders becomes a personal battle simply to stay alive.

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