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 "Powerful, gripping, suspenseful! This heartwarming and inspiring tale of a young man's survival and success through hardships on the pre-Civil War frontier is a fast-paced, satisfying read. I've been a fan of the late Ray Morris's writing for many years, be it crime novels or military non-fiction. Gone to Texas is perhaps his best yet, and will garner him many more fans!"

-  Hank Cramer, retired soldier and singing cowboy, Winthrop, WA 


   "His rich descriptions and well woven events are magic for those of us who love Westerns!"

- Major Jerry R. Bailey, U.S. Army Special Forces (Ret)

Gone to Texas
Gone to Texas

Gone to Texas is a gritty, period-authentic Western for hard-core Western aficionados. It was a different era, a sweaty tough life; those who made their homes in the west were of sturdy stock. The wild west was WILD, the dastardly foes quite adept at torture; not for the faint of heart about how folks survived and died! You’ll find many villains to loath, the lawmen righted wrongs, justice prevailed. Those who read Westerns likely relish the violent moments in the “Name of Justice”! From Ray’s point of view, these men smacked of character, integrity, and honor. He knew what made them tick!

The year was 1845. It was Indian summer and deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains the entire

McCain family was being buried—except for a lone survivor. On his mother’s old map, Jericho

McCain had often studied the small country people had been referring to as the Republic of Texas. Before leaving their Tennessee cabin for the last time, he’d wrapped the old map in

oilskin and stuffed it inside his shirt. It didn’t look too far. He’d have gone to find his brother,

Taylor, even if he hadn’t promised his father. Might take him a spell to find him once he got

there, but he’d find him. Texas—that’s where Taylor said he was going. Texas! The name had a good ring to it. A clean “starting over kind of sound” and that’s what Jericho wanted—a clean start. How big could Texas be anyway?

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