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"Some men are born brothers, others become brothers..."
- R.C. Morris

The Ether Zone will satisfy fans of Stephen E. Ambrose's Band of Brothers and co-authors Joe Galloway and LTG Hal Moore's We Were Soldiers Once... and Young.
The Ether Zone
Advance Praise For The Ether Zone

"Project Delta arguably marked the greatest advance in U.S. Army Special Operations since Colonel Aaron Bank devised the A-team. Ray Morris lays it out... concept and combat...What a book!"

-MAJ Jim Morris, U.S. Army (Ret), Author War Story; Fighting Men; Above and Beyond

"...a must-read for those who are aspiring to enter our Special Forces, or other elite units where guts, innovation, and dedication are essential ingredients for success. Or, for that matter, anyone who would like a down-and-dirty vicarious experience in our Special Forces."
-Major General David J. Baratto, U.S. Army Retired, Former Commander, John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School

"Among Vietnam War recon units, Project Delta B-52 was the pioneer and class act that set the standard for everyone else. With The Ether Zone, at last, a book worthy of that little known -- yet legendary.unit! ... The Ether Zone is truly excellent!"
-Kenn Miller, Author, Six Silent Men II; Tiger the Lurp Dog

"...a story of unparalleled bravery of one of the most combat-effective units in the Vietnam War...I was proud to be a part of that unit ... An exciting read ... places you in the middle of the action!"

-Brigadier General John F. Flanagan, U.S. Air Force, Retired, Author, Vietnam Above the Treetops

"Ray Morris, with skill, has assembled a remarkable true history of the then-secret actions of those few brave Nung, Montagnard, Vietnamese and American men who served in B-52 Delta."
-Colonel Alan Park, U.S. Army (Ret), Commander, Project Delta,1969

Plunge into Vietnam's Steamy Jungle with Delta Recon - Be Prepared to Duck!
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