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"Compelling, tantalizing and filled with complex characters and plot twists. . . an intelligent treat and great entertainment! It is a terrific read for all mystery lovers. The MWSA gives this book its highest rating of Five Stars."

- Military Writers Society of America 

Tender Prey
A Note To Readers About Tender Prey...

The Pacific Northwest is notorious for its share of serial killers, most notably Ted Bundy, the Hillside Strangler, Robert Lee Yates and the Green River Killer, so placing the characters in Washington came easy. This was among my first of many novel manuscripts, tapped out with my trusty two-fingered style each night and on the weekends while working 50 hours a week at my criminal justice career, so the sights and sounds of the great city of Seattle were familiar. 

The psyche of serial killers has always been something the public wants to understand and although these crimes are unsettling, they can also be a reminder that evil often disguises itself as charm. Disturbing yet fascinating, you might begin to question what could possibly motivate the bizarre acts you learn about others. 

You'll want to root for Murphy. Life has thrown him a curve. But that's not difficult because he's vulnerable, tries to maintain his sanity with a dark sense of humor, and yet has the courage to seek insight into his killer's profile by delving into the mind of another incarcerated killer, John Lee West.


This edgy thriller will keep you guessing.

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